The Universal House of Justice approves of original paintings of portraits of Abdu’l-Baha, from photographs, when they are commissioned by skilful artists. The compilation of guidelines that ensure the proper standard is observed with regard to representation of the Master and the Holy Family in portraits, photographs and dramatic representations are clearly addressed in correspondence from the Research Department of the Baha’i World Center dated 26th September 1987.

In compliance with those guidelines recommended by the Universal House of Justice this painting represents the very highest standard of a realistic portrait of Abdu’l-Baha, together with Shoghi Effendi.  This beautiful and tasteful setting is a testament to the love and devotion the beloved Guardian showed for the Master.  It is the most popular of all the paintings in this series, among the friends, and is available as  an individual print on canvas  stretched, hand embellished by the artist, repainted and varnished ready for display with all the appearance of the original oil painting. (Please allow a one month turnaround for the oil paint and varnish to dry with this order.)

“The Universal House of Justice has no objection if the friends commission skillful artists to paint portraits of Abdu’l-Baha from photographs.”

                                                                Universal House of Justice Sept.14 1982

“The portrait of the Master, which you obviously painted with so much care and love, he has placed in the Western Pilgrim House, where it can be enjoyed by the friends. He has no objection to your giving friend’s photographs of your portraits.”

                                              Written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi March 28th 1947

To discuss this painting or make an offer on this original work of art please contact the artist directly at .

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