Badi "The Pride of Martyrs"

Aqa Buzurg was the rebellious son of a wealthy turquoise merchant from a small town called Nashapur, near Mashhad in Northern Persia. He later became known as Badi (The Wonderful) whose courage and valor are celebrated to this day.

Aqa Buzurg set off from Persia overland to Palestine, on pilgrimage to visit Baha’u’llah in Akka. During his travels he served as a water bearer for the believers in Mosul. When Aqa Buzurg finally reached Akka he had no difficulty entering the city dressed as a water bearer and soon approached Abdu’l Baha as he entered a mosque.

Aqa Buzurg attained Baha’u’llah’s presence at least twice and on one occasion he was transformed when Baha’u’llah created him anew with the hand of fire and might, breathing into him a new spirit. It was at that moment he was given the name Badi.

Baha’u’llah revealed a tablet of great significance addressed to Nasiri’din Shah and was looking for a messenger to deliver it. Badi asked for the honor of delivering it personally to the Shah knowing full well he may have to lay down his life in the process.

Badi traveled for three months on foot and when he reached Tehran he learned the Shah was on a hunting exhibition at his summer pavillion in the country. Badi waited on a rock for four days waiting for the Shah and his entourage to pass by.

Baha’u’llah named Badi as one of his nineteen apostles and wrote: ”The temple of the cause of God was adorned by Badi. His station is so exalted no pen can describe it.” Badi “The Pride of Martyrs” tells the full story of Badi’s transformation and is illustrated with four dramatic full color illustrations, written and illustrated by Ivan Lloyd complete with Persian translation by Saie Monjazeb.

A limited number of rare 1st Edition books available signed by the author. Published 1999 by Superior Graphics.

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