Mulla Husayn "Unfurling the Black Standard"

Mulla Husayn was a frail cleric from northern Persia, who set out from Khurasan, on pilgrimage to Karbila in search off the Promised Qaim whose coming had been foretold in the Holy Books of Shiah Islam.

On May 22nd 1844, this meek theologian became the first to acknowledge the Bab’s claim to be the Gate to the Hidden Imam at a moment which defines the birth of the Baha’i faith.

Mulla Husayn anticipated being chosen to accompany the Bab to Mecca, where in accordance with Islamic prophecy; He was to pronounce His mission to the pilgrims of the Hijaz. Instead the Bab instructed him to travel throughout Persia and proclaim to the seekers “Zahabuz Zahman” The Promised One has come.

He established the first teaching center in Mashhad where thousands flocked to learn more about the new faith. When Mulla Husayn received news of the Conference of Badasht he hoisted the Black Standard and set out with a group of his companions to join the other Babi’s. On their way they passed through a wooded area and the group was ambushed, so they took refuge in the shrine of Shaykh Tabarsi and built a fort to defend themselves.

For several months Mulla Husayn and 313 of his companions emblazoned with the love of God defended the shrine with death defying feats of courage against the constant onslaught of Nasiri’d-Din Shah’s army.

This book “Unfurling the Black Standard” tells the complete story of Mulla Husayn’ s struggle as the first believer, his meetings with the Bab, his teaching to the Letters of the Living and the heroic battle of Fort Tabarsi.

150 pages written and illustrated by Ivan Lloyd with 12 full color illustrations complete with Persian translation by Dr. Minu Sabet.  Published by Images International 2001.

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