Tahirih "A Poetic Vision"

Tahirih’s was the daughter of a wealthy cleric from Qazvin in northern Persia. Her extraordinary beauty and eloquence attracted thousands of followers from all over the Ottoman Empire, and her poetry ranks among the finest in Persian literature.

She was well versed in the Quran and Islamic theology, and at an early age she became interested in the writings of Shaykh Ahmad who foretold of the imminent return of the Hidden Imam. Tahirih went on pilgrimage to the Holy shrines in Karbila and Baghdad where she studied the oral traditions of Muhammad and the Twelve Imams, known as the Hadith.

She knew the Bab was the Promised Qaim, when a prayer he revealed had previously appeared to her in a dream. Tahirih publicly proclaimed her belief in the advent of a new dispensation, heralded by the Bab, with an enthusiasm and fervor rarely seen in a woman.

Her controversial views challenged the authority of the religious establishment, so she was placed under house arrest while the authorities awaited instructions from Constantinople, to determine her fate. Stories abounded of her struggle to establish women’s equality in a male dominated society, and her popularity grew even more until her martyrdom in 1852.  

Abdu’l Baha characterizes Tahirih as “A brand afire with the love of God” and raised her station to the same level as the Virgin Mary and Fatimah.

This book Tahirih “A Poetic Vision” documents the heroine’s complete story and contains twelve full color illustrations, written and illustrated by Ivan Lloyd, Persian calligraphy by Saie Monjazeb and new translations of her poetry.

58 pages 12 full color illustrations. Published by Desert Rose Publishing 2001.

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