Badi walked all the way from Mosul to Palestine in search of Baha’u’llah and arrived in Akka in 1869. In this painting we see Badi entering the “Caravanserai of the Pillars” in Akka where early Baha’i pilgrims stayed. Behind him are two spies who guarded the Mediterranean city and reported to the authorities any person they suspected of being a Baha’i. Badi had no difficulty entering the city, however, as he was still wearing the Arab robes from his service as a water bearer in Mosul and Baghdad. He wandered the streets in search of the residence of Baha’u’llah until he came to a mosque where he spotted some Persians, amongst whom was ‘Abdu’l-Baha. He waited until the prayers were finished, and then approached The Master with great reverence, and handed him a short poem declaring his devotion to the Faith. Abdu’l Baha warmly welcomed him and escorted him into the presence of Baha’u’llah. Aqa Buzurg met Baha’u’llah at least twice during his stay in Akka and it was on one of these occasions Baha’u’llah created him anew with the hands of Fire and Might, breathed into him a new spirit and bestowed upon him the name of Badi, whose station is so exalted no pen can    describe it.

This limited edition giclèe print measuring 18” x 24” on acid-free museum quality paper, numbered and signed by the artist is available for $75. This includes free shipping & handling worldwide.

This is a limited edition giclèe print measuring 20” x 32” on acid-free museum quality paper, numbered and signed by the artist is available for $115. This includes free shipping & handling worldwide.

A print on canvas of this original painting of “Badi Entering Akka” measuring 20” x 16” stretched, hand embellished, repainted to perfection and varnished  by the artist ready for display with all the appearance of the original oil painting is available for $900. (Please allow a one month turnaround for the oil paint and varnish to dry with this order.) This includes free shipping & handling worldwide.

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Badi Entering Akka

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