Mandala is a Sanskrit word, meaning circle, and is usually associated with the sacred art of ancient Buddhist traditions. They often represent the vision of an enlightened Buddha with an emphasis on   experience and various symbols of divine powers at work within a microcosm of the universe. Mandala’s usually represent different stages in the realization of truth or a sacred and separate place that is unaffected by the ever changing impurity of the materialistic world. 

They help establish and illuminate a sacred plane, with a special emphasis on spiritual healing, enabling one to access progressively deeper levels into the subconscious through meditation.

While their use as powerful aids in early Hindu rituals can be traced back over 60,000 years, mandalas are often used in modern society as geometric patterns that represent a microcosm of the universe.

These nine sided mandalas have their origin in ancient Persian rug design with an emphasis on Baha’i mysticism. They are suitable for any home or office as a statement of unity and harmony from a distinctly Baha’i perspective.


This is a limited edition giclèe print measuring 20” x 32” on acid-free museum quality paper, numbered and signed by the artist is available for $115. This includes free shipping & handling worldwide.

To discuss this painting, arrange an individual payment plan or make an offer for this original work of art please contact the artist directly at

Mashhad Mandala      

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