Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel is considered a sacred place for Baha’is around the world as it is the location of the Baha’i World Center and the golden dome of the Shrine of the Bab, where the remains of the Bab are laid to rest. Adjacent to the magnificent 19 garden terraces are the administrative buildings which are referred to as the Arc. Mount Carmel has always been a sacred place dating back to the days of Elijah, who reportedly dwelt in a cave later known as Elijah’s grotto on the mountain.

This limited edition giclèe print measuring 18” x 24” on acid-free museum quality paper, numbered and signed by the artist is available for $75. This includes free shipping & handling worldwide.

This is a limited edition giclèe print measuring 20” x 32” on acid-free museum quality paper, numbered and signed by the artist is available for $115. This includes free shipping & handling worldwide.

A print on canvas of this original painting of “Mount Carmel” measuring 20” x 16” stretched, hand embellished, repainted to perfection and varnished  by the artist ready for display with all the appearance of the original oil painting is available for $900. (Please allow a one month turnaround for the oil paint and varnish to dry with this order.) This includes free shipping & handling worldwide.

To discuss this painting, arrange an individual payment plan or make an offer for this original work of art please contact the artist directly at

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