Historical Baha’i Notecards, featuring scenes from the “Heroic Age” of the Faith. Each pack contains ten different notecards including Vahid’s Feast, Tahirih teaching in Baghdad, The Battle of Fort Tabarsi and The Conference of Badasht. Etc. On the back of each card are descriptions and historic facts from the Dawn- Breakers. Blank inside, making them suitable for any occasion, these unique notecards make great gifts, for friends and seekers of all ages, especially youth, and help with your teaching efforts. Complete with envelopes, each 5” X 7” pack comes in a sturdy see through box for $15 each.

International Woman’s Notecards, featuring the Baha’i Houses of Worship of different continents around the world, including India, Wilmette, Western Samoa and Panama etc. On the back of each card are quotes from the writings addressing the equality of women and men, Motherhood and Unity. Each pack contains twelve cards complete with envelopes in a 5” X 7” sturdy see through box for $15 each. Special offers include two box sets (one box of each set) for $25 with no charge for shipping…. We also offer generous discounts for bookstores, community fundraisers and individual teaching initiatives. For more info click here Published by Divine inspiration P.O. Box 89076 Tucson AZ 85752 Place an Order here for same day mailing at no extra charge.

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