Original Oil Paintings for Sale

“The Universal House of Justice wishes you success as you continue your series of paintings depicting Baha’i History. Be assured that the House of Justice will offer ardent prayers in the Holy Shrines that you may be divinely confirmed in your artistic endeavors."                                                              

                                                                                                                                        Baha’i World Center . 23rd October 1996


Tahirih Escaping from Tehran

Tahirih Escaping from Qazvin

Mulla Husayn in Karbila

All of the images on the Baha'i Faith Art website are available as signed and numbered prints, perfectly color balanced to match the original painting . They usually measure 18"X24" on museum quality archival paper and shrink wrapped for easy presentation and are very affordable as gifts or for display in your home to create the perfect teaching opportunity. Prints on canvas,  hand embellished by the artist, stretched and varnished have all the look and feel of an oil painting and are also very reasonably priced so every Baha'i home can enjoy them.


Most of the original oil paintings on canvas of the Heroic Age of our beloved faith  are already sold to private collectors  around the world, while others  are on permanent  display at various Baha'i centers around the country in cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas, Portland, Atlanta, Bosch Baha'i school and the Desert Rose Baha'i Institute in Arizona. Purchasing an original oil painting from this historical series is a specifically good investment as it will increase in value and bring considerable honor and prestige to your home.


The paintings listed below are the only original paintings still available. They are carefully  examined and varnished before shipped directly from the artist's studio and as they vary in size, the dimensions determines their price. Paintings starting at 16"X20"  are available for $500 up to 36"X48" for $3,000. Please contact the artist for availability and shipping arrangements.

Badi Receiving the Tablet in Akka

Martyrdom of Badi

The Battle of Fort Tabarsi

Martyrdom of Quddus

Historical  Paintings

International Women Series


Native American Indian

Choir at Wilmette




Holy Land Doors

Universal House of Justice

Shrine of the Bab  

The Shrine of Baha’u’llah

House of Abdu’l Pasha

Tahirih Teaching in Baghdad

Portrait of Mishkin Qalam

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Martyrdom of Tahirih