The Battle of Fort Tabarsi

In 1848 Mulla Husayn hoisted the “Black Standard” and set out with his companions from Mashhad to join the Babi’s meeting at the Conference of Badasht, but they were ambushed as they passed through a wooded area near the village of Barfarush. The companions took refuge at the shrine of Fort Tabarsi and built a moat and a fortress where 313 Babi’s defended themselves for several months against 12,000 troops dispatched by Nasiri’d Din Shah. In this original oil painting we see the moment Mulla Husayn was killed by a sniper from a tree as his horse became entangled in the rope of a tent. This original oil painting on canvas measures 48” x 98” comes with a signed certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and is available for $7,000 

To discuss this painting, arrange an individual payment plan or make an offer on this original work of art please contact the artist direct at .

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