Portrait of Shoghi Effindi

The Guardian of the Baha’i Faith

Shoghi Effendi was born in Akka on March 1st 1897. He attended the American University in Beirut and was educated at Balliol College at Oxford University in England. While at Oxford he was informed of Abdul-Baha’s passing and when he hurried back to Haifa learned that he was named  the Guardian of the Cause of God,  in Abdu’l -Baha’s Will and Testament . Overcome with grief and crushed by the weight of the responsibility thrust upon him Shoghi retired from Haifa for almost a year, leaving Bahiyyih Khanum in charge, before returning to take up his office.

He is fondly remembered by Ruhiyyih Khanum’s description. “The first photographs we have of him show a peaky little face, immense eyes and a firm beautifully shaped chin which in his childhood gave a slightly elongated and heart shaped appearance to his face. His eyes were of that deceptive hazel color that sometimes led people, who did not have the opportunity to look into them as often as I did, to think they were brown or blue. The truth is they were a clear hazel which sometimes changed to a warm and luminous grey. I have never seen such an expressive face and eyes as those of the Guardian: every shade of feeling and thought was mirrored in his visage as light and shadows are reflected on water.”

Abdu’l-Baha’s feelings are reflected in His words: “Salutation and praise, blessing and glory rest upon that primal branch of the Divine and Sacred Lote -Tree, grown out, blest, tender, verdant and flourishing from the Twin Holy Trees: the most wondrous, unique and priceless pearl that doth gleam from out the Twin Surging Seas. O God! This is a branch sprung from the tree of Thy mercy. Through Thy grace and bounty enable him to grow and through the showers of Thy generosity cause him to grow and through the showers of Thy generosity cause him to become a verdant, flourishing blossoming and fruitful branch. Gladden the eyes of his parents, Thou who giveth to whomsoever Thou willest, and bestow upon him the name Shoghi so that he may yearn for Thy Kingdom and soar into the realm of the unseen!”

Among his many achievements he is most notably remembered for establishing the Administrative Order of the Baha’i Faith, translating numerous passages from the writings of Baha’u’llah, as well as translating Nabil’s narrative “The Dawn- Breakers” and author of “God Passes By.”He planned and supervised the design and laying of the gardens on Mount Carmel, the Shrine of the Bab and the International Archives building in Haifa. Shoghi Effendi passed away on Nov 5th 1957 in London and was laid to rest at the New Southgate Cemetery, in England.

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