The Seven Martyrs of Tehran

During the Naw Ruz celebrations of 1850, seven innocent Babi’s  were arrested and taken to the entrance of the main bazaar where the four avenues connect  at  the central square opposite the Majid –i-Shah mosque, in Tehran. Here they were falsely accused of plotting to overthrow the young Nasiri’d- Din Shah in  a wave of religious persecution and bloody reign of terror led by the Shah’s grand vizier Mirza Taqi Khan the Amir Nizam.  The crowd gathered to witness what historians have described as the first public execution in Persian history, as they knew the accused were virtuos and devout Babi’s. Many were direct descendants of the prophet Muhammad and were well respected members of society with flawless reputations. Among them was the Bab’s maternal uncle, Haji Mirza Siyyid Ali who raised his face to heaven saying “Here me O people I have offered myself up as a willing sacrifice in the path of God.” The executioner was so moved by those words he pretended his sword needed to be sharpened and left the scene. Among the other martyrs was Mirza Qurba Ali, a famous mystic from Barfarush who was dressed in the white robes of a Dervish.  Haji Mulla Ismael-i-Qumi , Siyyid Husayn-i-Turshizi, a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad, Haji Muhammad-i-Taqi-i-Khirmani, Siyyid Murtada and  Muhammad Husayni-Maraghi . Upon hearing the news of their martyrdom the Bab revealed a tablet in their honor  and referred to them as those “Seven Goats” mentioned  in the Hadith (traditions of Islam) who, “on the Day of Judgment shall walk in front of the Promised Qai’m.” The Bab was martyred a few months later, in Tabriz, fulfilling the prophecy of the Hadith whose meaning until then no one had been able to interpret.

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