The Bab’s declaration generated great excitement throughout Persia and when news reached the royal Court, in Tehran. His Imperial Majesty Muhammad Shah  appointed Siyyid Yahyay-i-Darabi, the most learned and influential of his subjects, to travel to Shiraz and interview the Bab. Siyyid Yahyay was a wealthy man who owned property in several cities, including a luxurious mansion in Yazd. On his journey to Shiraz he compiled a list of questions pertaining to the mysteries of Hadith which he intended to present to the Bab in order to judge His response. Before Siyyid Yahyay was able to speak, the Bab addressed the questions and answered them with perfect clarity. Overwhelmed with wonder and awe Siyyid Yahyay immediately pledged allegiance to the Bab’s Cause and from that moment he became known as Vahid. Vahid then travelled to Yazd where hundreds of his supporters came to welcome his return. He prepared a great feast for the Naw Ruz celebration and fearlessly proclaimed the principles of the new revelation to the governors and dignitaries of the region. The Feast was even more festive because the Naw Ruz celebration of 1850 coincided with the declaration of the Bab, six years earlier. Navvab-i-Radavi, one of the dignitaries attending the feast commented “The Shah’s imperial banquet can scarcely hope to rival the sumptuous repast you have spread before us.”   

                                                                                                           The Dawn-Breakers 

In this painting we see Vahid reading a prayer revealed by Baha’u’llah at the Conference of Badasht and on the table typical food from the region especially almonds, dates and pomegranates. In the center is a plate of saffron flavored basmati rice as Yazd is an important area for the production of saffron. All of the pots are authenticated designs of that region and time. In the background are some musicians playing traditional Persian instruments including the tar, tombak, kamanche, setar and santur. On the mantelshelf are statues from Persepolis and the figure of King Darius and the winged bulls. Above the mantelpiece is a tapestry of Simburg the mystical bird of Paradise from the Conference of the Birds by the Sufi mystic Attar. On the far right is the famous Jameh mosque in Yazd and on the far left are the women of Vahid’s household celebrating the equality of men and women.

This limited edition giclèe print measuring 18” x 24” on acid-free museum quality paper, numbered and signed by the artist is available for $75. This includes free shipping & handling worldwide.

This is a limited edition giclèe print measuring 20” x 32” on acid-free museum quality paper, numbered and signed by the artist is available for $115. This includes free shipping & handling worldwide.

A print on canvas of this original painting of “Vahid’s Feast” measuring 20” x 16” stretched, hand embellished, repainted to perfection and varnished  by the artist ready for display with all the appearance of the original oil painting is available for $900. (Please allow a one month turnaround for the oil paint and varnish to dry with this order.) This includes free shipping & handling worldwide.

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Vahid’s Feast

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